Here is a list of Tilman Remme's films. Some of the images will link you to short video clips or trailers.

First Flight   1 x 52' 

Writer and Director


Who flew first? Docu-drama on the dispute over the world’s first powered flight.


ABC Australia, ZDF, ARTE 2016

Legend Hunter   2 x 44’ 



Archaeology mini series presented by Dr Jeff Rose

Ep 1: Jesus the Hard Evidence

Ep 2: Sodom And Gomorrah  


Travel Channel 2016

Death on the Matterhorn     1 x 52’ 

Writer and Director with Gieri Venzin


Docu-drama/mystery on the tragic first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865. 150 years later, there's new evidence on who was to blame.

SRF, ZDF, ORF, ARTE   2015

Bible Hunters   2 x 60’  

Writer Producer Director


The discovery of the world's oldest bibles and its impact on the faith.

Ep 1   The Search for Bible Truth      Ep 2  The Search for Gospel Truth


BBC2 and Smithsonian Channel   2014

Inside the Gangster Code – The Grypsers    1 x 44'

Director and Co-writer


Investigative doc on the Polish mafia presented by Lou Ferrante

Lou was a finalist for the prestigious Grierson Award 2013


Discovery Channel   2013

Ken Follett’s Journey into the Dark Ages     2 x 46’

Writer and Series Producer


Mini series on the Middle Ages presented by bestselling author Ken Follett

Ep.1 Great Women    

Ep.2 The Black Death


Channel 4 UK, Sat 1 Germany   2012

Raiding Russia   1 x 60’

Writer Producer Director 


Docu-drama on Russia, twenty years after the end of communism.





Off the Fence Distribution  2011

Earth Under Water   1 x 48’

Writer Producer Director


What happens, if the ice melts and sea levels keep rising...

shown in 50 countries 

Nat Geo US, BBC  2010

Legend of the Crystal Skulls 1 x 49’

Writer and Director


The mystery of the infamous Crystal Skulls revealed

Cine Golden Eagle Award, History, 2009


Five UK, Smithsonian, Nat Geo, France 5   2008

The Beijing Siege of 1900    1 x 52’

(The Boxer Rebellion)  

Writer  Producer  Director


Epic docu-drama on the Boxer rebellion in China and the Beijing siege


ZDF, BBC, History Channel US, ARTE   2008

Pact with the Devil   1 x 50'

(Between Gandhi and Hitler)

Writer and Co-Director



The intriguing story of the controversial Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose who made a deal with Hitler to fight the British in India.



NDR, History Channel    2007

Hunt for the Double Eagle    1 x 47’

Writer and Director


Drama-doc on the hunt for the world's most expensive and elusive coin, the 1933 Double Eagle.


Smithsonian Channel 2011

Blackbeard, the Real Pirate of the Caribbean  
2 x 60’

Director with Richard Dale



Historical drama with James Purefoy



BBC1, Nat Geo US, Pro 7 Germany, France 2     2005

Colosseum, Rome’s Arena of Death   1 x 60’

Writer  Producer  Director


BAFTA and RTS nominated dramatized ‘super-doc’ on the opening games of the Colosseum and the gladiators who fought there


BBC1, Discovery, RTL Germany, France 2  2003

Top Ten Egypt   1 x 60

Producer and Director



Michael Wood presenting his Top Ten Egyptian sites and their stories


BBC 2 Special      2003

Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Royal Gods of Egypt 1 x 50’

Writer Producer Director



Drama doc on the rise and fall of Egypt’s heretic king and his iconic queen



Timewatch BBC2   2002

The Making of Adolf Hitler 1 x 50’



What turned a failed painter and drop out from Austria into the world’s most notorious dictator


Timewatch BBC 2  2002

Battle for Berlin  1 x 50’

Writer Producer  Director


Historian Anthony Beevor investigates the Story of Nazi Germany's desperate last stand


Timewatch BBC 2  2002

The DNA Revolution 1 x 50'

Catching the Killers / The Hunt

Writer  Producer  Director

Docu-Drama Series on the History of Crime investigation


BBC 2 and A&E  2001

Make ‘em Talk, Interrogation in the 20th Century

Catching the Killers / The Hunt    1x50’

Writer  Producer  Director


Docu-Drama Series on the History of Crime investigation


BBC 2 and A&E  2001

Profiles of the Criminal Mind  1 x 50'

Catching the Killers / The Hunt

Writer  Producer  Director


Docu-Drama Series on the History of Crime investigation


BBC 2 and A&E  2001

The Spies Who fooled Hitler   1 x 50’



Story of MI5’s Double Cross operation during WW2




Timewatch BBC 2   1999

Letting the Genie out of the Bottle, Scandinavia’s Porn Revolution     1x50’

Writer   Producer  Director

Story of how pornography was first legalised in 1969


Timewatch BBC 2  1999

The British in India   1 x 50’

Producer and Director


The controversy over the British Raj

With historian Andrew Roberts



Timewatch BBC 2 1998

Hitler and the Invasion of Britain 1 x 50’

Writer  Producer  Director

Myth busting film proving that Hitler's invasion threat in 1940 was a bluff and smoke screen for his plans to attack Soviet Russia.


Timewatch BBC 2   1998

The Nazis, A Warning from History   6 x 50’


Director episode 3 and Series Associate Producer parts 1-6


Ground breaking history series on the rise and fall of the Nazis. Winner of six international awards, incl Bafta, Peabody and BANFF

BBC 2    1997

NEWS 44 and NEW 45     2 Seasons of 6 x 15',  plus 1 x 30' Special



The news from 50 years ago read by Sue Lawley and presented without hindsight as though it happened today. News 45 had an average of 8 million viewers and peaked at 10 million viewers, making this the UK's most watched history series of the 1990s.


BBC 1       1994 and 1995





Dynasty Zero/ Planet Egypt 4x50’

Co-Writer episodes 1 – 3 – on Ancient Egypt 

ZDF, History Channel, Arte

Tx April 2011


The Hunt for U-864,  Executive Producer/ Co-writer

January 2007,  1 x 48’,  hugely successful docu-drama

 BBC Timewatch/ ZDF Germany


The Forbidden City 


Partly dramatised mini-series for ZDF and Discovery US. 2 x 50’   Tx 2007


Update 2057   Script Consultant/ Producer

Drama doc series on the world in 50 years time for ZDF and Discovery US.  3x 50’.   Tx 2007


Armageddon   Script Consultant

Drama doc min-series for ZDF and Discovery US.   2x50’ 

Tx 2007


Die Deutschen  Script Consultant

Documentary series for ZDF   10x 50’   Tx 2009


Greatest Knight, Co-writer

2 x 60’ factual drama on the life of William the Marshall, the greatest knight who ever lived, for Pro 7 Germany.