Tilman Remme is a Partner and the Creative Director of the Dubai and London based production Company GTV.     http://www.gtv.ae/


Tilman formally joined GTV in June 2017, after many years of successful collaboration with the company. GTV produces exciting factual programmes for international audiences, including the US, Germany, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and China.

Tilman's latest film, Humboldt Epic Explorer (Humboldt und die Neuentdeckung der Natur) was shot in the jungles and mountains of Colombia and Ecuador. The film tells the story of the 'man who invented nature' and who discovered human induced climate change in the early 1800s. It follows author and historian Andrea Wulf as she re-traces Alexander von Humboldt's extraordinary journey of exploration. The renowned German actor Timmi Trinks plays the role of Humboldt.


Tilman has been writing, producing and directing documentaries, docu-dramas and factual dramas for more than 20 years, broadcast on the world's most prestigious TV channels. It is Tilman's great passion to take the most dramatic and important historical and contemporary stories and turn them into exciting films for audiences from around the world.

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