Tilman has written and directed numerous factual dramas or docu-dramas.   Here are some cool clips


                  Blackbeard, Terror at Sea     Factual drama with James Purefoy



Factual Drama, BBC1/ Nat Geo



Scene:  Where's the gold?            https://vimeo.com/201116077



              Colosseum - Rome's Arena of Death           Factual Drama, BBC1


Night fight scene                      https://vimeo.com/201117625

Quarry fight scene                   https://vimeo.com/201116217

Final fight                                   https://vimeo.com/201116111


First Flight     


Docu-drama on the controversy surrounding the world's first flight


Clip showing the world's first flight according to a Bridgeport newspaper article from 1901



                  Death on the Matterhorn  (Tatort Matterhorn)    


                  Docu-drama on the tragic first ascent of Europe's last unconquered mountain in 1865                      



                  Scene: Triumph turns to disaster   https://vimeo.com/201116148

                   Hunt for the Double Eagle              


                   Docu-drama on the hunt for the world's most valuable coin       Smithsonian Channel



                   Scene: who was the mole in the mint?            https://vimeo.com/201116248

                   The Boxer Rebellion     (Gefangen in Beijing)  


                    Docu-drama on China's greatest moment of shame                          


                    Final assault scene                 https://vimeo.com/201116095



Other clips


Raiding Russia                                     https://vimeo.com/201116450